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Feature: Kalib Bybee, Line Service  

Grim. A good adjective to describe the pursuit of a career in film or television. The path is fraught with disappointment, false starts and hard work. Despite these challenges, Kalib Bybee has pursued his interest and found success as an “extra” in one of television’s hottest original series, GRIMM. Filmed in Portland, and inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales, GRIMM is a drama series chalk full of zombies, monsters and even, regular guy cops. Kalib has now been an extra in the series, acting in seven installments, three of those as a “regular” playing the role of a paramedic. GRIMM will soon begin filming for its third year.

Kalib’s full time job is in Line Service for Global Aviation but when schedules allow, he books stints as an extra. Kalib started his film and acting training at Century High School in Hillsboro, OR where he would broadcast a live, daily edition of the morning news. He and several high school buddies soon enrolled at Trinity Western University in Vancouver, B.C. known for its film studies program. Most of Kalib’s experience prior to GRIMM was in film and camera editing not acting.

“My first few segments filming GRIMM were nerve wracking. I was so anxious  in front of the camera. Now I am relaxed and comfortable. Of course– I don’t have lines. They have to pay you much more if you have lines,” he laughs. “You have to have a lot of patience. Each scene may be shot 5-10 times before it is right. A 10 second clip can take an hour or more to film. Some scenes may require 100 extras and some only four or five. You can go to a casting call and wait for 10-12 hours and leave never getting the chance to act.”

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In his role as a paramedic, Kalib frequently interacts with the main characters of the series. He has gotten to know the cast and crew on a whole new level. “Some of the characters spend hours in make-up for their transformations from humans to creatures,” explains Kalib. “I had thought it was mostly done with computer graphics, but not so. It was weird to sit across a lunch table with a guy covered with fur and monster teeth.”

Kalib has gotten his leads, including the connection to GRIMM, from a sourcing website for the film and television industry. He is waiting to hear about acting in an online video series that would begin later this summer.

“The team at Global has been wonderful in supporting my acting. My teammates have been willing to change schedules to help me out. My priority is my job at Global, but when possible, it has been great to pursue my interest in film and television.”

Who knows, his next big role may be as a zombie…with lines.

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