Aerial surveys can provide a lot of information about the layouts of objects on the ground.  Just ask Amber Novak, Global Aviation’s newest Line Service Technician.  Before landing her position with us, Amber piloted a Cessna 172 for Landcare Aviation Inc. out of Rome, New York.  As one their Aerial Surveyors, she was a “one-woman show,” navigating, piloting, and photographing cities such as Virginia Beach or the rural areas of Kentucky. These images were predominantly used in city planning projects where image data is key to site placement, appraisal or inspection.

Novak grew up on a farm in Montana’s Helena Valley where her family ran up to 500 head of cattle each year.  There she raised cattle and swine, and participated in 4-H for most of her childhood.  Her interest in aviation began when she started working as a customer service representative for Temsco Helicopters while attending the University of Alaska in Juneau.  With the goal to become a pilot, Novak headed back to Montana and earned her commercial pilot’s license as well as a certified flight instructor certificate. She accomplished this while obtaining her degree in Aviation Technology and Business from Montana State in Bozeman.

Her first job out of college was at the Gallatin Field Airport in Bozeman. It was there that she met her boyfriend, a fellow flight instructor and army aviator. When he deployed to Iraq and Kuwait in 2011, she took the opportunity to make the most of the time and travel the country while building flight time. When her boyfriend returned from deployment and landed a job as a flight instructor in Oregon, they moved to Hillsboro together. Remaining within the aviation industry was an important requirement for her future employment. Global Aviation was located near her boyfriend’s employer at the Hillsboro Airport. A position there would offer a way to continue to learn and grow in her chosen profession, so Novak submitted a resume. Amber has become a valuable contributor to the Line Service staff.  She has finally landed.


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