Chief of Maintenance, Global Aviation, Hillsboro

Global Aviation Chief of Maintenance AJ Orlando

For over 15 years, AJ Orlando has been integral in Global Aviation’s steps to deliver high caliber business aviation maintenance and aircraft management to its customers. Orlando is currently Global Aviation’s Chief of Maintenance.

Orlando began his career at Global Aviation as a technician. In fact, he was the only technician on the floor overseeing all aspects of the beginning of the maintenance department. Over the years, the company has added two hangars and grown to a maintenance staff of 14.  Orlando and his team play a pivotal role for the company and its clients.

Orlando was motivated to bring his technical skills to aviation because he enjoys the challenges of aircraft complexity and the need to maintain aircraft meticulously and safely.  His high standards of excellence and precision are what made Global Aviation such a good fit. Orlando said, “I’ve been committed to Global Aviation for over 15 years, because I get to work with great individuals, whom all strive to provide professional, exceptional services for our customers.”

Orlando also appreciates his role to support growth and help ensure new employees continue a legacy of excellence. “I try to share as much information about the company as possible to new staff. I hope they will feel part of a team and make the department even stronger.”

Orlando is an Oregonian and enjoys spending his time off with his kids outdoors.  They can often be found camping, beachcombing, bicycle riding or working in the yard.

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