Alexander Moyer is a Line Service Technician at Global Aviation

Alexander Moyer is a Line Service Technician at Global Aviation

Global Aviation customers may notice a new face on the line service team. Alexander Moyer started work as a Line Service Technician in June 2015. Moyer is enjoying helping and getting to know Global Aviation’s wide variety of clients.

Moyer came to aviation through the recommendation of a long-time friend several years ago. He discovered it was a great fit. He enjoys working outside and getting to be around aircraft everyday.

Through his work, Moyer continually heard “very good things” about Global Aviation. When a line service position opened up, he immediately decided to apply and make a change.

“I’ve found that Global Aviation has been exactly the change I needed, and I am really enjoying my time here so far,” says Moyer. “All of my co-workers here have a great sense of humor which makes for a very fun work environment.”

A native Oregonian, Moyer enjoys the outdoors and exercising in his spare time. He also loves listening to music and playing music. Moyer is skilled on guitar, ukulele, bass and more. In addition, Moyer considers himself to be a bit of a “foodie” and enjoys trying the wide variety of restaurants Portland has to offer.

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