Title Chief Inspector
Categories Maintenance
Salary $69,000-$105,000
Location Hillsboro, OR
Job Information

We are currently looking for a motivated individual to add to our Maintenance Team as our Chief Inspector.  This position is directly responsible for all aircraft inspection and quality assurance actives of the Company’s Maintenance Department.  Position involves encountering varied work situations and performing assigned duties with little to no supervision, while operating within established and well-known procedures. Position involves a high degree of complexity due to strict regulatory compliance requirements. A high degree of accuracy is required, as inspected maintenance work or documentation that does not meet standards can create significant safety, legal and/or financial risks for the Company.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities:

Inspection Activities

  •  Directs, plans, and sets forth standards, methods, and procedures used for aircraft inspection and quality assurance activities in compliance with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).
  • Ensures that all required inspections are properly identified, performed, and documented on all work before the aircraft or component is returned to service.
  • Ensures that all parts are properly tagged and identified, and that rejected and unserviceable parts are identified in such a way as to prevent their reuse as serviceable parts.
  • Ensures that all precision tools and test equipment used for airworthiness determinations, including those used by contract maintenance providers, are calibrated and that calibration records for those items are maintained.
  • Reviews FAA Unapproved Parts Notifications and coordinates with the Purchasing Manager to purge any suspected unapproved parts from stock.
  • Determines, in consultation with the Accountable Manager, what repairs or alterations may require an FAA Form 337 and, if needed, ensures that the form is completed in accordance with AC 43.9-

Supervision / Management Activities

  • Supervises inspection activity for the Maintenance Department, including ensuring that all personnel performing required inspections are properly qualified, trained, and authorized in accordance with Appendix B of the Company General Maintenance Manual (GMM).
  • Provides for continuity of inspection by assuring completion of required inspections when work shift or personnel assignment changes occur.
  • Supervises the Company’s authorized inspectors.
  • Position communicates with the Chief of Maintenance to assist with project planning, prioritizing, and monitoring of tasks.  Work is performed in close collaboration with Maintenance Department personnel to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Communicates with personnel in the Charter and Flight Operations Departments for project planning and status updates.

Accurate Documentation

  • Maintains Inspection and Maintenance Personnel List and RII Inspector List of personnel who are qualified, trained, and authorized to perform Airworthiness Release, and personnel who are qualified, trained, and authorized for RII inspection authority.
  • Maintains training records for all inspection and maintenance personnel.
  • Maintains weight and balance records for all aircraft.
  • Submits any required Service Difficulty and Mechanical Interruption Summary Reports.
  • Maintains a current list of the location and revision status (Form 37) of each copy of the GMM.  Ensures that the Tracking Program and Aircraft Status Sheets are current and correct.
  • Maintains all maintenance records and inspection forms in such a manner that the files pertaining to any specific item processed by the Company can be readily located for review.
  • Ensures that the maintenance related technical data and documents used in the Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program (CAMP) are of the appropriate revision level.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Determines the airworthiness status and disposition of any suspected unapproved parts, and files FAA Form 8120-11, Suspected Unapproved Parts Notification, with the FAA.
  • Assures that no defective or unapproved parts are installed during maintenance on any aircraft, component, or part returned to service.
  • Ensures that all applicable Airworthiness Directives are tracked for compliance and are properly listed.  Complies with appropriate federal, state, local, and Company safety rules, regulations, programs, policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Embraces the Company’s safety culture, makes safety suggestions, and reports workplace safety hazards and safety violations.

Specific Job Skills / Requirements:

  • Maintenance of FAA certification and knowledge necessary to perform work on a wide variety of aircraft.
  • Familiar with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).
  • Extensive knowledge of aircraft maintenance practices and procedures.
  • Familiarity with wide variety of aircraft and their component systems, airframes, and power plants.
  • Desire and ability to continuously expand aircraft maintenance knowledge and skillset.
  • Desire to comply with the provisions of Company safety programs, including participation in the Company’s Safety Management System (SMS).
  • Familiarity with, or ability to learn, computer programs used in conjunction with Company’s aircraft maintenance activities.
  • Ability to work cooperatively, harmoniously, respectfully, and collaboratively with other maintenance and Company team members.
  • Ability to communicate in English in a clear, succinct, and accurate manner, in both speech and writing.
  • Strong prioritization and problem-solving skills with an emphasis on collaborative work.
  • Presentation of a professional appearance and demeanor to customers, visitors, vendors, and other employees.
  • Possession and maintenance of a valid driver’s license from state of residence.
  • Satisfactory pre-employment drug screening and background check.
  • Continued ability to pass random drug and alcohol tests.

Education, Certification, and/or Experience:

  • FAA Mechanic Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Ratings required.
  • High School graduation, GED, or equivalent education required.
  • Completion of a training program at a Part 147 aviation maintenance technician school preferred.
  • Additional study in electronics and/or avionics preferred.
  • Inspection Authority (I/A) preferred.
  • Three years of aviation inspection experience, including one year of turbine-powered aircraft inspection experience, preferred.
  • Experience in a Part 135 and Part 145 environment required.
  • Experience maintaining corporate aircraft required.
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