PNBAA Safety DayThe PNBAA, Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association, is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting regional business aviation, providing a unified voice; promoting its economic values; bridging community and regulators; and promoting member networking and interaction.

Earlier this month Global Aviation sent two representatives to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise shared at the eighth annual PNBAA Safety Day at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington. The event included highly engaging and informational presentations from industry professionals from around the country. Weather, cyber security, and inflight emergences were just a few key areas covered throughout the day.

Del Kaufmann, Chief Pilot, and Ephraim Ingals, Director of Operations, both attended the lecture series and will be sharing the insights they gained with the staff at Global Aviation.

“Global Aviation appreciates the many opportunities for learning and support that the PNBAA offers,” said Flo Newton, Global Aviation President. “Safety Day never fails to offer new and useful perspectives that we can incorporate into our procedures and policies.”

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