Dennis Yamauchi was enjoying retirement when he received a phone call from Brian Lockhart, Global Aviation’s VP and Director of Maintenance.  After years in the aviation industry, Yamauchi was working on his golf game, enjoying “urban hikes” and the culinary scene around Portland with his wife. He could visit his home state of Hawaii, and even hold down a “fun” and very flexible part-time job at Home Depot.  For the first time in his life, he had time.

But full-time retirement is not for everyone.  Like many of the 78.3 million baby boomers who will choose not to retire as previous generations have done, Yamauchi prefers to stay engaged. “You can only maintain your yard and play so much golf,” he states.  “I’ve always enjoyed working and the opportunity to get back into the aviation industry and make a difference was too good to forgo.”  Yamauchi was hired to head up Maintenance Sales at Global Aviation on October 1st.

Yamauchi’s 35 years of industry experience make him the perfect candidate for the Maintenance Sales position.  He started his career as an Air Power Technician at AiResearch Aviation, a division of Garrett Corporation, in 1975, and was soon promoted to Crew Chief.  The opportunity to go into sales presented itself in 1982 and Yamauchi was assigned to cover the Pacific Northwest region.  In 1985, he took a brief hiatus from Garrett, to sell for Dallas Airmotive, only to return in 1987.  In order to cover his territory, he moved his family to Portland in 1992.  After a 2004 merger, Garrett was renamed Landmark Aviation, and became StandardAero after a further merger in 2007.  At that point Yamauchi had moved into International Sales covering Asia from his base in Portland.  He retired for the first time in 2010.

Yamauchi has hit the ground running and is rapidly learning about Global Aviation’s businesses and customers.  He has also started developing the sales strategy that will support his quota.  Retirement is but a distant memory.  “The extra income will actually come in handy.  My 26 year old son is getting his PhD in Bio-medical Engineering at UC Berkley, and I need to work until the kid can support me,” he says with a smile.

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