NBAA Regional Forums always provide a unique opportunity to network with industry peers and business leaders. The event that was hosted by Clay Lacy in Seattle on September 20th was no exception.  With 950 registered attendees, predominantly hailing from the Pacific Northwest, the forum was a phenomenal success and exceeded Clay Lacy’s projections by nearly 50%.  Global Aviation was one of 70 aviation exhibitors. The event also featured 17 aircraft on static display by the aircraft manufacturers.

PNBAA, an off-shoot of the NBAA Regional Forum, coincided with the meeting.  Global Aviation, a member of both organizations, took the opportunity to co-sponsor the PNBAA Maintenance Luncheon which was held on Monday, September 17th and featured speaker Brad Townsend, former Chairman of the NBAA Maintenance Committee.  Townsend spoke on evolving and emerging aviation technologies and their adaptation.


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