Global Aviation staff support local Love Rocks Run

Global Aviation’s Rashelle and Micah Bybee, Carla Boleen and Kyla Arakaki participate in the first Love Rocks Run in Forest Grove

On June 27th, Global Aviation team members joined in the first Love Rocks Run in Forest Grove, Oregon. The 5K run/walk course followed Gales Creek and meandered through beautiful Oregon farms. The event raised funds for Anna & Abby’s Yard, a memorial playground being planned in Forest Grove.

Participants in the Love Rocks Run included: Carla Boleen – Charter Operations Manager, Kyla Arakaki – Assistant to the President, Rashelle Bybee– Flight Operations Administrative Assistant, and little Micah Bybee – honorary Global Aviation ambassador. All enjoyed the run/walk and Arakaki had an exciting finish in third place for women.

Global Aviation's Kyla Arakaki at Love Rocks Run in Forest Grove

Global Aviation’s Kyla Arakaki places 3rd in Love Rocks Run

Supporting each other in getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle is a growing trend at Global Aviation. “Having a group at work to support me in the drive to be healthy has been great. We are trying to find one more 5k to round out our summer,” said Bybee. “I also appreciate that both the Inukai and Love Rocks runs we have chosen support the community in a larger fashion as well.”

Bybee first heard of the Love Rocks Run through the organization’s Facebook page. The run is an extension of Love Rocks, a worldwide movement started in Forest Grove to provide a legacy for two sisters, Anna and Abigail, who lived a too-brief but very “love-drenched life.” By creating and sharing simple polished rocks with handmade fabric hearts, Love Rocks have provided many throughout the country a means to spread love and joy. People have shared pictures of Love Rocks from Forest Grove to Australia to Africa and Asia. They are in parks, on beaches, in hospitals, on The Great Wall of China, and in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Love Rocks Forest Grove

Love Rocks are being shared around the world

To get involved, simply find or make a Love Rock (instructions are on the website). Give the rock to someone while doing an act of kindness, place the rock somewhere special for someone else to find, or give the rock to someone to let them know they are loved. Write a little message on the back or just leave the heart to say it all. After making or giving or receiving a Love Rock, people can share their story on the Facebook page.

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