New polishing technique at Global Aviation

Global Aviation’s Line Service Team perfects their polishing technique

Making 10 year old paint jobs look virtually new again? Sounds like it could be a mission impossible. However, not for Global Aviation’s line service team that is now celebrating a mission accomplished.

The idea begain nearly two years ago when Chad Bellis, Line Service Tecnician and “full-time perfectionist” had an idea and approached Bill Moore, Line Service Manager. Bellis proposed an overhaul to their polishing technique. The industry standard was good, but it was not achieving that brand new paint finish they hoped for.

Moore and Bellis got to work and brought in the top paint restoration experts to train the staff and invested in the best polishing equipment and materials on the market. “It is amazing what the best training, best equipment and best materials can do,” said Moore.

“The results are nearly flawless. I would challenge anybody to tell the difference between a new paint job and a freshly polished aircraft at Global Aviation.”

With the dramatic improvement, customers might expect the new polish and sealing technique to take extra time and manpower. Moore reports that the new procedure is actually less labor intensive and more efficient than before.

Moore is proud that Global Aviation is giving customers an alternative to the repainting that can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cost to restore the existing paint is a fraction of the time and expense.

Moore is eager to spread the word and get to work transforming more aircraft. “Every customer and staff member stares at our work in astonishment. It is the reaction we have always been striving for,” said Moore.

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