Armando Mendoza, Global Aviation Line Service Tech

Armando Mendoza, Global Aviation Line Service Tech

In January, Global Aviation welcomed Armando Mendoza to its outstanding Line Service Team.  Mendoza is a skilled and experienced technician that values the importance of excellent teamwork and communication.

Line Service Technicians manage many responsibilities from aircraft detailing, to fueling, to even ice and coffee delivery. Mendoza thrives on the daily challenge of managing the aircraft positions to ensure a smooth flow of arriving and departing planes. “It becomes like a puzzle and makes the days very interesting,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza’s interest in aircraft runs beyond his day-to-day work at Global Aviation. He feels he “lives at the airport” as he is also studying Air Science at Portland Community College and recently began flying lessons near the Hillsboro Airport. His goal is to become a pilot and fly for the airlines.

The Line Service Team at Global Aviation supports Mendoza’s enthusiasm for a career in aviation. “Everyone is very welcoming, easy to work with and has a great interest in aviation. I learn a lot everyday because my team is very knowledgeable,” said Mendoza.

In those rare moments Mendoza is not working on aviation tasks, he enjoys true Oregonian interests like trying new breweries, hiking, camping and visiting the coast. Born and raised in Hillsboro, Oregon, Mendoza hopes to travel and maybe live out of state someday but said, “I will always consider Oregon my home.”

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