Dave Wheeler, Project Superintendent for Perlo Construction

Big projects take big resources. Global Aviation’s newest hangar project requires the juggling of thousands of details, a time-sensitive schedule and over 30 contractors, engineers and inspectors. Having a construction leader you trust is critical. For Global Aviation that person is Dave Wheeler, Project Superintendent for Perlo Construction.

Wheeler is no stranger to construction management or to Global Aviation. He’s been managing projects from health centers to winery facilities to Global Aviation’s first hangar and corporate office 14 years ago.

“It’s been fun to come back and most everybody I worked with before is here,” says Wheeler. “It is really enjoyable to work with Global. They have a high standard and we want to make sure we achieve that for them”

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The work is by no means easy, however. Wheeler has 34 years of experience as a Construction Superintendent, 20 of them at Perlo. He makes meeting the demands of a master schedule that addresses all the pieces of the puzzle possible.  He knows going in how long each detail will take, what the deadlines are and what they have to do to get there. Wheeler’s team commits to completing a project on time, even if that means extra hours.

Now that designs and permits are in motion, Wheeler oversees every phase of Global Aviation’s current project. A new parking area is already complete along with a remodel for Hangar 4. Demolition has begun on the old parking area that will be the new home for Hanger 3.

Wheeler’s construction roots go back to his childhood and many do-it-yourself remodel projects around the home. His brother is also a Construction Superintendent at Perlo. Wheeler credits his parents for his success and longevity in construction management.

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“My parents gave me a really strong background in treating people with respect and a real sense that we are here to be of service for those around us, our community and our family. We’re building buildings but we’re also building relationships with people,” says Wheeler.  “It’s really exciting to be back and building a new hangar at Global after building one 14 years ago. We’re here because we built a relationship with Global and they trust us and feel confident that we’re going to give them another good project.”

Wheeler started modestly in construction right out of high school. He worked hard as a carpenter apprentice and moved up from there. “I still really enjoy it. Construction is a really rewarding profession. A lot of jobs don’t have a way to measure accomplishments. With construction it is very measurable and has lots of rewards.”

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In 34 years, Wheeler has many notable and visible accomplishments. Besides his first airplane hangar for Global Aviation, a few career highlights include:


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