Kathy Cieslinski, Global Aviation's new CSR

Kathy Cieslinski, Global Aviation’s new CSR

Great customer service starts with the first impression. In April, Global Aviation chose new hire Kathy Cieslinski for that essential role as a Customer Service Representative (CSR).

“My position is only one of many very important parts of Global Aviation’s structure,” says Cieslinski.  “For a CSR, taking care of people in a timely manner, as well as letting them know how important they are to us, is vital.”

Cieslinski comes to Global Aviation with experience as an “inflight” customer service representative. She worked as a flight attendant for Louisiana Pacific & Aviation Methods Inc. Cieslinski knows the ins and outs of aviation and enjoys working with travellers.

“I love interacting with Global Aviation customers. They are always pleasant and happy. Wouldn’t you be if you were about to travel in style?” says Cieslinski.

When Cieslinski is not learning the ropes at Global Aviation, she spends valuable time with her daughter, family and friends. You may even find Cieslinski with her daughter volunteering at local shelters and the Oregon Zoo.

An Oregon “local” since 1995, Cieslinski takes advantage of the outdoors with long walks at the Oregon Coast and hikes up mountain trails. Cieslinski also turns her energy to “playing” in her garden and says, “Plucking out weeds is a good stress reliever!”

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