By:  Global Aviation’s Mascot

It is with a heavy heart that I let our entire Global Aviation family and friends know that on March 10th, I lost my dearest friend, Brandy. Brandy was a red standard poodle who charmed everyone with his zest for life and loving nature. Born fifteen years ago, Brandy had impeccable manners and was ever the perfect gentleman.  I always wanted to be like him.

Brandy was a permanent fixture here at Global from 2000 to 2008, when his “Dad,” Harry Merlo had offices here.  Brandy then spent time at the hangar when Harry was out of town, and he also made frequent visits when he and Harry would take off in their airplane to their next great adventure.  Brandy loved the Merlo ranch in eastern Oregon where he could run the trails and fish. He was a good swimmer.

I’ve been told that, “A fine dog is a companion beyond compare. Loyal, loving, trusting, a dog captures the heart, and in doing so, demands the best part of us in return.”  Brandy will be missed by family and friends.





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