Grigio: Frequent flyer and faithful friend to Global Aviation President, Flo Newton.

Traveling with pets can be filled with anxiety for our four-legged friends. The noise, the motion, and the altitude can make it a “ruff” ride. Fortunately, aviation innovators are finding medication-free solutions to make our pets more comfortable in the sky.

Ear protection offers calming benefits for dogs

Airplane noise can really rattle a dog. K-9 Ear Muffs or Mutt Muffs can help. With premium aircraft sound reduction foam and pet-smart features like webbing (no fur-snagging velcro) and break away clips for the chin strap, many pet owners are giving the ear protection rave reviews. Pet owners are also impressed with the calming benefits during thunderstorms, construction, and fireworks. Some dogs even use them just to get some quiet time.

ThunderShirts give a stress-relieving hug

A variety of anxiety-easing products come from Thunderworks, a company devoted to calming pet fears. One popular apparel item is the ThunderShirt. The fitted shirt applies gentle pressure and gives a stress-relieving “hug” for the entire flight. Thunderworks also offers anti-anxiety sweaters, treats, toys, hoods and even an herbal spray for peaceful traveling. See it all at

Supplemental oxygen hood for air-traveling dogs

One serious comfort and health concern in pet air travel is the potential need for supplemental oxygen. Kent and Lori Carter, business owners in Warsaw, Indiana, were personally moved to solve this problem. The Carters frequently travel with their dogs, Cody and Moe, in a Cessna Turbo at altitudes where oxygen is required. After consulting with veterinarians and experts, the Carters developed a supplemental oxygen hood for dogs. Find out more at

Doggles: stylish eye protection.

While they may not be totally necessary for a dog’s aviation comfort, pet owners may want a pair of Doggles for more fashionable reasons. Doggles are pet-friendly aviator goggles complete with UV protection, shatter-proof lenses, anti-fog treatment and trendy colors. See the whole product line at


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