Hangar Doors Always Open for Wings of Rescue

Do what you can, with what you have,

where you are.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Wings of Rescue puppy delivered to Global Aviation

Global Aviation welcomes Wings of Rescue friends to Oregon

The staff at Global Aviation share a passion for air travel and a love for animals. When the opportunity came to put puppies on planes and save the lives of some precious cargo, the answer was “Yes.” Several years ago Global Aviation began opening its hangar doors for Wings of Rescue, giving the organization an important distribution point for animals in need.

Wings of Rescue is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that literally saves the lives of animals faced with being euthanized in California’s overwhelmed shelters. The precious passengers are flown in private airplanes and delivered to caring homes and rescue organizations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Canada.

“Many times we speak to shelter owners in tears that if we cannot take their animals today, they will die tomorrow,” said Wings of Rescue founder and president, Yehuda Netanel. “Oregon has shelters sitting empty and begging for animals, so the only thing slowing us down is not enough air power. If you are a pilot traveling to Southern California, consider calling us. You won’t believe the joy you feel from saving innocent lives.”

“It truly warms your heart to welcome these beautiful animals, knowing that we are helping to unite them with people who will love them and offer forever homes,” said Flo Newton, Global Aviation President. “We proudly assist Wings of Rescue and hope to encourage pilots and aviation enthusiasts to support them as well.”

Wings of rescue and Global Aviation team to bring endangered pets to Oregon.

Flying animals to safety, Wings of Rescue has helped over 12,000 animals live longer lives.

After a “Spring to Life Flight” in April, Wings of Rescue has now flown over 12,000 dogs and cats to safety since 2010. Netanel says business has doubled each of the past 4½ years. He started as the lone pilot who rescued 300 dogs, and now the group expects to fly 7,000 pets in 2015.

Wings of Rescue not only transports healthy dogs and cats but pregnant moms, moms with newly born babies, dogs with recent surgeries and animals in need of major surgical procedures. Ground transport is not the best option for these animals due to the length of the road trip which can be in excess of 24 hours in the same crate without any food, water or walks. In contrast, most of the flights are completed in a comfortable 3-4 hours.

One flight that landed at Global Aviation was in honor of a one-year old pit bull named Blueberry and her puppies. Blueberry and about 150 other dogs arrived at Global Aviation and were greeted by a crew and volunteers wearing blue T-shirts and baseball caps in Blueberry’s honor.

“Global Aviation is a first-class operation and such an inviting place to relax after a very long flight,” said Netanel. “Our pilots get treated well, we plan everything for them, the animals are clean and in water-proof crates and over-the-top cute. You might just take one home.”

Wings of Rescue is dependent on donations, the generosity of volunteer pilots and their planes, and hundreds of rescue organizations up and down the West Coast. With continued support the sky is the limit to how many animals they can save.

Wings of Rescue is run by pilots who understand the factors and details that go into planning a safe, successful flight. A network of ground volunteers makes loading and delivery as easy as possible for the pilot. In addition, Wings Of Rescue is a 501c3 charity, making round trip operating costs and donations tax deductible.

Wings or Rescue symbolPilots who would like to participate, fly a rescue mission any time in the next year, or simply want to volunteer or donate to the effort, can contact Yehuda Netanel at info@wingsofrescue.org or visit www.wingsofrescue.org.

Staying current with Wings of Rescue is simple through the organization’s Facebook page. The page includes a touching video of Wings of Rescue volunteers and its four-legged benefactors. You can also watch a local news report from the successful and inspiring Holiday Lift delivery at Global Aviation.

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