Global Aviation Flight Coordinator Keith Brubaker

Global Aviation Flight Coordinator Keith Brubaker

Imagine that all of the tricky and time-consuming aspects of travel are put in the hands of a capable, organized and service-oriented professional. Global Aviation’s highly trained Charter Operations team is critical to providing the best experience possible. Keith Brubaker, new Flight Coordinator, has the experience and detail-oriented focus that make him perfect for this important role.

After eight years in a variety of aviation roles, Brubaker knows how all of the pieces work together for a successful FBO. Whether it is line service, customer service, or charter services, Brubaker brings an energetic and personable approach. He enjoys getting to know his customers and their traveling needs.

“It is always interesting to talk with customers and get a glimpse of why they use private aviation, and then make sure their trip goes as smoothly as possible,” said Brubaker. “Every detail from hotels, to cars, to catering, to crews needs to be flawless.”

Juggling so many details requires dedication and a team full of like-minded supporters. “I have met a lot of great people at Global Aviation. Everyone is welcoming and fun to work with,” said Brubaker. “We are able to work hard but still joke around and laugh. People always have smiles on their faces when you pass them in the hall.”

Brubaker is an Oregonian but lived in Minnesota for 10 years. He loves being back in the Pacific Northwest where he can spend his free time with family. He also enjoys many sports and participates in soccer, baseball, softball, football, hockey, and snowboarding.

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