Ken Joyce, Global Aviation, FBO Services

Global Aviation Fuel and FBO Services Manager, Ken Joyce

Ken Joyce has fulfilled multiple roles in his over 15 years with Global Aviation. His growth and experience have grown right along with the company. Currently Joyce manages the company’s fuel ordering program called Global Fuel Solutions.

Joyce has been hooked on aviation since his early childhood when his father worked for Northwest Airlines. “It was natural for me to move in that direction. It’s all I’ve ever known and it’s what I’m good at,” said Joyce.

Joyce’s path through the company gives him a deep understanding of the business. He started out in line service, spent several years in accounting, then worked in a marketing group to promote the growth of the FBO by developing key industry relationships and work on the fuel program. “I believe this company has the ability to be special and do great things in business aviation,” said Joyce.

Joyce is very proud of the increase in people that come to visit Global Aviation. “We are getting more and more well known in the industry and at conventions and conferences,” said Joyce. “Our road show crew has done a great job of spreading the Global Aviation brand and getting attention for our little corner of the world in Hillsboro, Oregon.”

Joyce notes that he would like to get more involved in the industry to encourage new comers to experience Global Aviation and business aviation. Joyce said, “It’s a great community to be a part of.”

Joyce likes to spend his hours away from Global Aviation with his young kids who are four and two years old.  Joyce was “born, but not bred” in Oregon. Airline work kept his family moving frequently. When it is time to really escape, Joyce enjoys traveling to tropical locales so he can “kick back, relax and ignore the real world for just a little bit.”

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