Global Aviation's new line service technician, Kyle Sahnow, enjoys a snow day with Courtney and their daughter, Grace.

Global Aviation’s line service team gained a valuable new member in March, with technician Kyle Sahnow. After two months of training at the Hillsboro, Oregon headquarters, Sahnow is enjoying his work helping to ensure safe, compliant and efficient FBO operations for Global Aviation customers.

The line service position is a great fit for Sahnow who is excited for a career in aviation and mechanics. Sahnow plans to continue his education in aviation maintenance technology through the Portland Community College degree program.

“I have always been fascinated with planes and enjoy figuring out how things work. I love the hands on work and training. It’s great being around all of the planes and the people I work with at Global Aviation,” said Sahnow.  “It can be a busy and fast day making sure the planes, pilots and passengers have everything they need.”

When Sahnow isn’t refueling or otherwise helping at Global Aviation, he enjoys time spent with his girlfriend, Courtney, and their three-year old daughter, Grace. Sahnow also plays recreational softball for a men’s and co-ed team.

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