Mike Turoski, Global Aviation, with Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award

Global Aviation’s Captain Mike Turoski is honored with Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award

A career spanning over 50 years is impressive. An aviation career that exemplifies professionalism, skill, expertise and flawless safety operations is inspiring. Global Aviation is very proud to congratulate Captain Mike Turoski on receiving the prestigious Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.

To have flown for half a century requires a combination of knowledge, risk management and close attention to detail.

“Aviation is a high-risk business, and there is no room for poor decisions,” said Turoski. “I am overwhelmed with gratitude and give credit to others who have over time, mentored and invested in my life.”

Turoski can trace his love for aviation back to Sunday evenings at age five. His father would take him to the city airport and watch the American and TWA commercial flights. To a budding aviator, watching the 4-engined prop aircraft was extraordinary and encouraged his pursuit of being a pilot.

Tursoki has many celebrated many milestones throughout his career.

“My initial solo in a Cessna 150 in September 1965 was certainly memorable, and so was earning my private pilot’s license. I earned every dollar for my initial ticket; both ground school and flight training. I was determined to be a pilot!” said Turoski.

More proud moments for Turoski include receiving his silver wings in the USAF in 1972 and later flying with a major airline, USAIR, in 1989. “That was a dream fulfilled from childhood,” stated Turoski. He also noted the remarkable nostalgia of one day flying, as an Airline pilot, into his hometown airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor.

“Flying into Sky Harbor was an awesome moment. I was looking out across the ramp/gate at the observation area that I had once (as a kid) watched my future.”

Turoski attributes much of his flawless safety record to excellent teachers including his instructor at Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix, his instrument simulator and jet instructor in USAF pilot training, and his IOE Captain at USAIR. He also appreciates the many notable technology improvements over the years such as GPS approaches, autopilot and flight director advances, and better weather forecasting and dissemination.

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