Nellie Gordon - Global Aviation Customer Service Representative

Nellie Gordon – Global Aviation Customer Service Representative

Most likely Global Aviation customers have already had the pleasure of meeting Nellie Gordon as the newest member of the Customer Service team. She is a welcoming and helpful representative for the company.

Gordon is one of those rare finds who is great at doing lots of paperwork and she enjoys it. She is perfect for the CSR role where organization is key.

Gordon balances her desk time by interacting with customers and being a bit of a social director. She loves providing customers with tips and ideas on how to make the most of their stay in Hillsboro and Portland.

“The most interesting part of my day is helping customers find places to go and things to do while here. I like talking about what we have to offer in the area, and our customers always seem very happy with my recommendations,” said Gordon.

Meeting new people is a perk of the CSR role, but Gordon also loves that she works with friends and family at the company. Del Kaufmann – Chief Pilot, is Gordon’s uncle and her two cousins are also at Global Aviation. She says it is a great way to stay connected to her extended family.

Gordon is a born-and-raised Oregonian, as well as a huge Portland fan. She tries to make every weekend a new adventure. Skateboarding, surfing, hiking and road trips are some of her favorite ways to spend her free time. Gordon loves to share, “I was born in Portland, and I will die in Portland.”

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