During his famous 2005 Stanford commencement speech, the late Steve Jobs spoke of living a life of passion and remarked “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Global Aviation’s new CSR, Riki Fugere, loves what she does.  The Hillsboro native has a passion for people and has spent most of her career working in customer service or care-giving roles.  Upon graduating from Hillsboro’s Century High School in 2005, Fugere pursued her interests in elder care.  Between 2005 and 2010, she was employed at several Portland assisted living facilities.  While finding the work personally meaningful, the limited compensation was financially challenging; so, after five years in the industry, she made the decision to change occupations.

Fugere’s grandmother had had a rewarding career as a flight attendant for Continental Airlines, and the profession came highly recommended.  In 2010, Fugere followed in her footsteps and moved to Houston to work for United Airlines.  She was there for six months before being transferred to Chicago.   After two months in Chicago, Fugere was transferred again, this time to San Francisco.  She was stationed there for a year.  Life as a flight attendant was exciting and Fugere discovered a real passion for Aviation.  Yet the job was not ideal for a woman raising small children.

In 2013, Fugere returned to Portland so that she could focus on her greatest passion:  being a mom to her young son and daughter.  She recently accepted a CSR position at Global Aviation.  She enjoys working in flight operations and feels that her people orientation skills make her a natural for the job.  Her free time is spent with her family and she soon hopes to volunteer in a senior home several times a month.  In pursuit of her three passions, Fugere feels her life, for now, is complete.

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