New hires at Global Aviation in Hillsboro, Oregon

The Global Aviation family welcomes Nellie Gordon, Darrin Sprecher, Kirsten Gillingham, Shawn Earle, Esther Koelbl, Luke Limbeck and Keith Brubaker

2015 continues to be a year of growth at Global Aviation. Customers are seeing new faces in multiple areas of the company. From customer service to charter sales to maintenance and line service, the newly hired staff members bring a variety of personalities and backgrounds. They also join their teams with a similar commitment to quality and excellent skills that fit their new roles perfectly.

“With each new hire I am impressed with the quality of applicants we receive at Global Aviation and their ability to jump in and really be part of the team,” said Flo Newton, Global Aviation President. “We train all of our new hires extensively so our customers are confident that exceptional service comes from every corner of our company.”

Global Aviation would like to offer congratulations and a small introduction to each of its new team members:

Luke Limbeck – Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Nellie Gordon – Customer Service Representative

Darrin Sprecher – Aircraft Mechanic

Kirsten Gillingham – Charter Sales and Marketing Representative

Keith Brubaker – Line Service Technician

Shawn Earle – Line Service Technician

Esther Koelbl – Line Service Technician

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