Peter Menza, new VP Global Aviation in Hillsboro, Oregon,

Peter Menza – Global Aviation Vice President of Client Services and Acquisitions

In November, Global Aviation announced that Peter Menza would be joining its Strategic Management Team as Vice President of Client Services and Acquisitions. Menza’s understanding of client needs and relationships is already proving an asset to the company.

The transition for Menza to his role at Global Aviation has been smooth. “Moving to Global was easy. I am working with dedicated people who share my desire to provide outstanding services against a backdrop of sound business practice and high standards,” said Menza.

Menza has been associated with high-performance aircraft for over 30 years. His first introduction to aviation was after college upon entering the United States Marine Corps as a Lieutenant. He followed that with Naval Flight Training and earned his designation as a Naval Aviator.

Menza’s experience in customer-focused aviation sales spans over 17 years at Bombardier Aerospace, eight years at AgustaWestland and five years at McDonnell Douglas Corporation. “I have had the pleasure of learning from many smart people in the industry and have incorporated many of those lessons into my playbook. I look forward to bringing that knowledge to Global Aviation and enabling the company to continually improve how we meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.”

Menza’s time away from the job is spent across a variety of interests. Menza dedicates time as an active board member for Portland Providence Medical Foundation. He is also a big dog lover and is skilled in training K9s for Search and Rescue. As a “recreational athlete,” Menza plays racquet sports, bikes and has competed in triathlons. He also enjoys professional ice hockey, football and endorses organized sports at all scholastic levels. Relaxed time is spent cooking, reading and working on his keyboard skill set.

Originally from The Bronx, Menza travels from his home in Vancouver, Washington to New York as often as possible.

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