Global Aviation welcomes Paige Quintana, Line Service Technician

Global Aviation welcomes Paige Quintana, Line Service Technician

For Paige Quintana the passion for aviation was practically hereditary – she grew up flying in her dad’s Piper Super Club. As a new Global Aviation Line Service Technician, Quintana is enthusiastic about “aviation in all its forms” and is committed to excellence in her role.

With experience at several smaller FBO’s in Oregon and California, Quintana considers her new role at Global Aviation to be a leap forward in her aviation career.

“Working at Global Aviation has been a little humbling and extremely educational,” said Quintana. “It is really refreshing to work at a facility that is so well organized. My favorite aspect of my work day is collaborating with my co-workers toward a common goal.”

Quintana also appreciates that Global Aviation is an inclusive company and she has felt very welcomed from the beginning.

When Quintana is not on the clock working with aircraft, she is often still doing some activity related to aviation. In high school, Quintana spent many hours maintaining experimental aircraft and with her local EAA (Experimental Aviation Association) chapter. Now she spends every Saturday as a mentor for a non-profit program called Teen Flight based out of Hillsboro’s Airway Science for Kids hangar. This program began in 2009 with the intent of teaching a dozen high school students to build a home-built experimental aircraft known as the RV-12. It has since grown into a self-sustaining program in which Quintana mentored four of five completed projects.

“I’m usually bouncing between the Aurora, Twin Oaks, and Hillsboro airports,” said Quintana. “I’m continuing my flight training in a Comanche 260 and actively pursuing the completion of my A&P certification.”

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