Peter Menza, Global Aviation Vice President of Client Services and Acquisitions

Peter Menza, Global Aviation Vice President of Client Services and Acquisitions

Perspectives is a featured column in the Global Aviation Newsletter written by Peter Menza, an industry expert and Global Aviation Vice President of Client Services and Acquisitions.

Today’s marketplace is full of extraordinary examples of outstanding customer service.  Across the hospitality industry, delivery services, tire dealerships and major retailers, companies have gone out of their way to create a special experience for the customer.  The experience these companies have delivered is, in many cases, the determining factor that has put them on the map and differentiates them from the competition.

In my early tenure in business aviation, I was thrust into a product support role charged with oversight of a complex logistic chain that required a good deal of customer interaction. This was to be a major lesson in the art of customer service. What became immediately apparent, despite what my job description offered, was the need to act as a customer advocate while also recognizing that my paycheck was tied to how well the company executed on the task at hand.  At one point during a particularly trying period, my boss, a retired Marine Colonel and aviator who had little time for noise and zero tolerance for anything that was not centered on getting the job accomplished, commented that I demonstrated little patience for those who did not exhibit the same enthusiasm for the customer as I did.  Despite his rough edge, he too understood the upside of taking a self-initiated, extra step for the customer.

Enthusiasm for the customer manifests in many forms.  When no one is watching, the actions one takes on behalf of the customer is what pays dividends and brings people back to the product or service provided.  A mentor once shared that demonstrating the appropriate level of concern for every situation is a skill set that everyone in our industry needs to master.

From an enthusiastic greeting on the phone to the smile offered boarding a charter client, actions and courtesy are always appreciated and remembered.  We have many opportunities to interact with our customers and clients.  The unsung heroes of a company are often those who do not even realize that their efforts and actions are recognized by the client and fellow team members.  Believe me, they are.

Here at Global Aviation, one of our objectives is to make sure that each and every interaction we have with our client base is positive and memorable.  We invite you to share with us how we met your expectations and serviced your needs. We look forward to providing outstanding service and a memorable experience on your next visit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this column and have a great summer!

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