Shawn Earle - Global Aviation Line Service Technician

Shawn Earle – Global Aviation Line Service Technician

Shawn Earle brought his six years of Line Service expertise to Global Aviation because he has always wanted to work for a company that “gets all of the nice planes.”

Earle is a great fit for Global Aviation’s Line Service as he prides himself on an eye for detail and always working hard to improve and learn.

“There is a reason why all of the nice planes come here. We do things right the first time and always go out of our way to make the customers happy,” said Earle. “Nothing we do here ever questions safety for speed.”

While Earle provides aircraft cleaning and fueling on a later, sometimes quieter shift, he loves that his job can “go from scheduled to chaos at the drop of a hat.” Every day is different and he likes being prepared for anything.

Outside of work Earle likes to explore nature either on hikes or road trips. If he is not outside, he is found working on a friend’s car or his own.

Earle said, “When you detail planes all day, it is very easy to detail a car.”

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