Global Aviation would like to take a moment to appreciate and congratulate its staff on the many personal and professional milestones celebrated in 2016. It has been a pleasure to witness the growth of families, career anniversaries and even retirements. Best wishes to everyone at Global Aviation for another exciting year in 2017.


Khloe Eleni Kunz: Born January 28, 2015.

Proud Grandmother: Michaelle Olson – IT Manager


Penelope Cheryl Martinez: Born February 27, 2016

Proud Mother: Jessica Martinez – Maintenance Office Manager


Beckett Ray Wilt: Born March 24, 2016

Proud Father: Corey Wilt – Line Pilot


Mason Alan Craft: Born May 19, 2016

Proud Father: Riley Craft – Line Service Shift Supervisor



Matt Kaufmann – Line Service Shift Supervisor and wife Shinneaka: Wed April 1, 2016


Work Anniversaries

Celebrating 10 years

Jacob Bybee – Line Service Shift Supervisor

Jessica Martinez – Maintenance Office Manager


Celebrating 5 years

Chad Bellis – Line Service Technician

John Cameron – Aircraft Mechanic

Joshua Larson – Purchasing Assistant

Matthew Kaufmann – Line Service Shift Supervisor

Patrick Weis – Aircraft Mechanic



Captain Don Kelly – Pilot

Captain Mike Turoski – Pilot

Dan Balzer – Senior Accountant

Dennis Yamauchi – Maintenance Sales


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