Blue Angels at Global Aviation in HIllsboro, Oregon

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly around Global Aviation and admiring fans at Oregon International Air Show

Global Aviation staff, family and friends enjoyed a front row seat for the Oregon International Airshow on July 18th at its Hillsboro Airport (HIO) headquarters. The Blue Angels returned to Oregon after a long seven-year absence. Fans were excited and turned out in record numbers.

With a prime location for viewing the airshow events, Global Aviation had over 300 people at a catered lunch on the tarmac. The company helped attendees beat the scorching heat by opening up the hangar door and providing much-needed shade, cold drinks and a barbecue lunch that included the catering staff’s popular Lebanese Potato Salad. In addition, Global Aviation hangar owner, Harry Merlo, attended the event and shared a selection of wines from his Sonoma County, California, winery, Lago di Merlo.

Pilot Jacquie B at Global Aviation in Hillsboro, Oregon

Aerobatic pilot Jacquie B parks outside Global Aviation for a break at Oregon International Air Show

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels is one of the world’s most sought-after air show teams. Based at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida, The Blue Angels fly six powerful Boeing F/A-18 Hornets during their tightly choreographed, high-energy demonstration—sometimes flying as little as 18 inches apart.

Another highlight of the air show performances was Global Aviation sponsored pilot Jacquie B. She is well known as the first female aerobatic pilot and is still one of only five female aerobatics pilots in the country. After performing her amazing gyroscopic maneuvers, Jacquie B parked her sleek, red Extra300 at Global Aviation to greet fans and give them a good look at her monoplane.

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Blue Angels in formation at Oregon International Air Show

Blue Angels fly a little as 18 inches apart in front of crowds at Global Aviation in Hillsboro, Oregon

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