Title Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Categories Maintenance
Salary Commenserate to Experience
Location Hillsboro, OR (KHIO)
Job Information

Title: Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Department: Maintenance
Exempt/Nonexempt: Nonexempt
Reports Directly to: Chief of Maintenance

The following information is designed to outline the functions and requirements of this position. It does not identify all tasks that may be expected, nor does it address all of the performance standards that must be maintained.

General Position Summary:
Position performs aircraft maintenance under supervision of the Chief of Maintenance. Plans and directs work scope requirements for aircraft inspection packages. Provides assigned personnel direction for the timely completion of work order requirements. Prepares maintenance work order packages prior to arrival of aircraft. Prioritizes maintenance events of work orders. Ensures that all work is performed to regulatory and Company standards in a timely and thorough fashion.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities:
• Project Lead: Provides direction to assigned personnel to effectively complete aircraft work orders. Communicates discrepancies directly to Chief of Maintenance. Communicates requirements for parts ordering as necessary. Oversees work order documentation and completion.
• Aircraft Maintenance: Performs all assigned aircraft maintenance tasks to the standards required under the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), aircraft maintenance manuals, and Company operating manuals and standards. Performs assigned tasks, including but not limited to, inspecting, testing, adjusting, rigging, troubleshooting, repairing, modifying, maintaining, and servicing aircraft, including airframes, power plants, accessories, components and systems. Only performs work when properly qualified, trained, and authorized. Completes work in a timely fashion.
• Accurate Documentation: Maintains accurate and thorough documentation of all work performed. Ensures that records are complete, accurate, and sufficient to demonstrate regulatory compliance and to create a useful record of work performed. Uses all Company documentation and communication systems, including written and digital records. Documents all work in a thorough and comprehensible fashion for ease of collaboration with other maintenance or Company functions.
• Regulatory Compliance: Maintains up-to-date knowledge of applicable regulatory requirements, Company standards, and maintenance manuals relevant to work performed. Ensures that all work performed meets regulatory standards and is inspected in accordance with Company procedures.

Secondary Functions:
● Complies with appropriate federal, state, local, and Company safety rules, regulations, programs, policies, procedures, and practices.
● Embraces the Company’s safety culture, makes safety suggestions, and reports workplace safety hazards and safety violations.
● Maintains tools and maintenance equipment in a good working condition.
● Maintains the facility work areas in a clean and organized condition.

Job Scope:
Position involves encountering varied work situations and performing assigned duties with limited to no supervision, while operating within established and well-known procedures. Position involves a moderate to high degree of complexity due to strict regulatory compliance requirements. A high degree of accuracy is required, both in the work performed, and the communication and record keeping necessary to document work, as maintenance or documentation that does not meet standards can create significant safety, legal, and/or financial risks for the Company.

Supervisory Responsibility:
Position provides direction to assigned personnel to effectively and efficiently complete work projects.

Internal Contacts:
Position reports to the Chief of Maintenance and works closely with all members of the Maintenance Department. Position leads maintenance activities for assigned projects, and communicates with the Chief of Maintenance to assist with project planning, prioritizing, and monitoring of tasks. Work is performed in close collaboration with the Chief Inspector to ensure regulatory compliance. Position also communicates with personnel in the Purchasing, Line Service, and Charter Departments.

External Contacts:
Position interacts with aircraft manufacturers’ representatives, customers, customers’ pilots and mechanics, outside auditors, FAA inspectors, and vendors.

Specific Job Skills/Requirements:
• Maintenance of FAA certification and knowledge necessary to perform work on a wide variety of aircraft.
• Extensive knowledge of aircraft maintenance practices and procedures.
• Familiarity with wide variety of aircraft and their component systems, airframes, and power plants.
• Desire and ability to continuously expand aircraft maintenance knowledge and skillset.
• Desire to comply with the provisions of Company safety programs, including participation in the Company’s Safety Management System (SMS).
• Familiarity with, or ability to learn, computer programs used in conjunction with Company’s aircraft maintenance activities.
• Ability to work cooperatively, harmoniously, respectfully, and collaboratively with other maintenance and Company team members.
• Ability to communicate in English in a clear, succinct, and accurate manner, in both speech and writing.
• Strong prioritization and problem-solving skills with an emphasis on collaborative work.
• Presentation of a professional appearance and demeanor to customers, visitors, vendors, and other employees.
• Ability to qualify for and maintain qualifications and/or licenses to operate fork lifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, aircraft tugs, and motor vehicles.
• Possession and maintenance of a valid driver’s license from state of residence.
• Satisfactory pre-employment drug screening and background check.
• Continued ability to pass random drug and alcohol tests.

Education, Certification, and/or Experience:
● FAA Mechanic Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Ratings required.
● High School graduation, GED, or equivalent education required.
● Completion of a training program at a Part 147 aviation maintenance technician school preferred.
● Additional study in electronics and/or avionics preferred.
● Three or more years of work experience as an A&P mechanic on turbine-powered aircraft, including at least one year in a supervisory/lead capacity, preferred.

Job Conditions:
Position performs work in an industrial atmosphere in the presence of heavy equipment, electrical systems, and potentially hazardous environments. All work requires a high level of awareness and adherence to safety regulations. Work may be performed indoors or outdoors, at heights or on mechanical lifts, and in confined spaces. Work requires a wide degree of range of motion, including reaching, bending, stooping, climbing and crawling, and working overhead or while lying on back. Occasionally requires lifting up to 60 lbs; frequently requires lifting and carrying 25 lbs. Requires continuous use of hands for grasping and fine manipulation.

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