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If any of the above people are on your holiday shopping list this year, this is the gift guide you have been waiting for. Elaine Frances, Executive Chef, and David White, Chef de Cuisine, for Global Aviation, have picked treats and treasures that are sure to please the food hobbyist in your life.

Kitchen Gadget Gifts

From Elaine

Non-Stick Individual Flexipan Frittata Mold

This flexible, non-stick, easy-to-clean mold can be used to make perfect individual frittatas, coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls, bread pudding, breakfast strata, and more.

From David

Microplane grater

Originally a woodworking tool, microplanes are zesters that have metal teeth that don’t cut down far into the fruit. They go just far enough to shred the flavorful zest into fine ribbons. David says he uses the essential mircoplane tool to “zest citrus, grate whole nutmeg, grate Parmesan, quickly mince garlic and shave chocolate over desserts.”


Spirit Surprises

From Elaine

Clear Creek Distillery Oregon Cranberry Liqueur

“This local cranberry liqueur is great as an after-dinner drink with dessert, mixed with champagne for a fancy Oregon mimosa, or mixed with soda water for a delicious spritzer. Clear Creek Distillery is a genuine artisan distillery using Oregon cranberries that are grown by dedicated farmers along the southern Oregon coast. They are big cranberries with intense flavor and color. The Clear Creek store and tasting room is at 2389 NW Wilson in Portland. Shoppers can also find the Oregon liquor stores that currently have Clear Creek products by using the

Oregon Liquor Stores’ Product Search

From David

Crater Lake Pepper Vodka

Crater Lake starts with their award-winning Crater Lake Vodka and infuses a blend of five different sweet and hot peppers to create a balance of flavor and spice in its Pepper Vodka. David says simply, “This is for Bloody Mary’s – yum!”

To make a Crater Lake Perfect Pepper Bloody Mary simple shake 2 ounces of Pepper Vodka, 8 ounces of tomato juice, 3.5 ounces of Demetri’s Bloody Mary Spice Blend over ice. Poor into a celery salt-rimmed glass and garnish with a celery stalk, lime wedge, an olive and a pickled asparagus spear.


Tasty Treats

From Elaine 

Martha Stewart Chocolate Walnut Fudge Bars Recipe

Part rich fudge, part crumbly cookie, these chocolaty bars take decadence to a new level. Elaine says that are a perfect gift because, “They are so easy to make, beautiful, and delicious!”

From David 

Dark Chocolate Covered Oregon Hazelnuts

Raw, a hazelnut’s grassy overtones and creamy texture complement a Pinot Gris. Roasted, a hazelnut’s flavors of browned butter and a bite of tannin are perfect for Chardonnay or even Pinot Noir. Coat them in dark, rich chocolate and who cares? Oregonians thank their lucky stars that hazelnuts grow a stone’s throw from the vineyards of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Find a bag at Made in Oregon stores or stop by a local orchard like Oregon Orchard at 195 N. 26th Avenue, Cornelius.


Great Restaurant Gift Certificates

From Elaine

People’s Pig, Portland

Cliff Allen and his “Make Every Bite Count” philosophy finds a new form as a barbecue shack on N Williams Avenue—a half-century-old building that may be the last sweet dive on a fast-rebuilding street. Portland Monthly calls People’s Pig, “a once and future icon of Portland eating.”

From David

Syun Izakaya, Hillsboro

This family-owned, award-wining Japanese pub-style restaurant

features many types of hot and cold small dishes, a large variety of amazing sushi creations, noodle dishes, salads and unique deserts, they also boast the most impressive sake collection in the area.

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