weddings, babies and work anniversaries at Global Aviation in 2015Global Aviation is thrilled to congratulate its staff on many exciting milestones over the last year. From weddings, to babies, to many work anniversaries, we want to acknowledge a team that has achieved great personal and professional growth. We look forward to seeing what 2016 brings.


Natalie Marie Moore: Born December 29, 2014.

Proud Dad: Bill Moore – Line Service Manager


Bralon Stroebel: Born April 29, 2015.

Proud Dad: Sterling Stroebel – Line Service Supervisor


Flynn Taylor Cartmel: Born October 22, 2015.

Proud Dad: Oliver Cartmel – Pilot


Anthony Paul Allen Turoski: Born December 2, 2015.

Proud Great Grandfather: Mike Turoski – Pilot



Flo Newton – President and husband Harry Merlo: Wed December 19, 2014

Riley Craft – Line Service Supervisor and wife Sarah: Wed September 5, 2015

Luke Limbeck – Aircraft Maintenance Technician and wife Jessikah: Wed October 17, 2015

Henry Kurkowski – Facility Janitor and wife Carrie: Wed November 11, 2015


Work Anniversaries

Celebrating 20 years

Flo Newton, President


Celebrating 15 years

Mike Stokes – Human Resources Manager

Daniel Balzer – Accounting Manager


Celebrating 10 years

Sterling Stroebel – Line Service Shift Supervisor

Frederick Elliot – Aircraft Mechanic

Alan Baker – Line Service Assistant Manager

Jacob Bybee – Aircraft Cleaning Coordinator


Celebrating 5 years

Oliver Cartmel – Line Pilot

Ryan Hepner-Hart – Flight Coordinator

Kalib Bybee – Facility Maintenance Technician

Carol Weiss – Accounting Assistant

Ephraim Ingals – Director of Operations


Celebrating 1 year

Riley Craft – Line Service Shift Supervisor

Kathy Cieslinksi – Customer Service Representative

Donald Amon – IT Assistant

Luke Limbeck – Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Assistant

Jacqueline Hunnicutt – Maintenance Administrative Assistant

Kyla Arakaki – Assistant to the President

Shawn Earle – Line Service Technician

Nellie Gordon – Customer Service Representative

Ester Koelbl – Line Service Technician


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