Dan Balzer, Global Aviation, Accountant

Global Aviation Accountant Dan Balzer

With over 15 years as an accountant for Global Aviation, Dan Balzer is an efficient and professional manager of the company’s accounting department. He is also a valued financial advisor and support for the company.

Balzer chose to bring his skills to Global Aviation as a way to stay connected and further his interest in the aviation industry. Balzer has a private pilot’s license and enjoys the FBO environment.

Over the years, Balzer has witnessed the impact of Global Aviation’s growth in a variety of ways. “It was amazing to watch two hangars being built from start to finish,” said Balzer. He also notes the impact of that extra capacity and the overall increase in staff, “There is a lot more paper now for a lot more company!”

Balzer has met the challenges of a growing company and was integral in making the changes needed along the way. He has been a welcoming face to new and existing employees. He communicates clearly so that the business runs smoothly. “Since most employees deal with Accounting department at some time, I try to create a welcoming atmosphere and explain clearly how our system works,” said Balzer.

One ongoing highlight of Balzer’s many years at Global Aviation has been the opportunity to meet many travelers, including some well-known clients. “I’ve met some very interesting people and have enjoyed talking with them,” he said.

Balzer is a life-long Oregonian who enjoys hiking on beaches, in parks and up to mountain viewpoints. He has also enjoyed traveling to the Yosemite, Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone National Parks.

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