As a small boy Don was exposed to the “art and architecture” of working sheet metal. His maternal grandfather, Ralph Adams, spent his career in aviation as a structural sheet metal mechanic working for numerous well known aviation manufacturers such as McDonnell Douglas. He in turn, introduced Don’s father, Don Senior, to aviation mechanics and maintenance. With these two experienced veterans as mentors, Don grew up learning the craft.

Don began his formal training in his early twenties with the pursuit of his airframe and power plant certification. He worked for two companies during this time, Crown Components, crafting exhaust parts and then at LTV working on producing structural components of the Boeing C-17 military transport aircraft project. Once Don obtained his A&P certificate, he became a contractor for Garrett Aviation in Springfield, MA. After nearly a year there, Don moved to Salt Lake City where he did heavy C checks and line maintenance for Sky West Airlines. During his ten years with Sky West he was promoted to Lead Mechanic in the Engine Shop.  His responsibilities involved work on significant projects including CF34-3 and CF34-8 General Electric turbofan aircraft engines as well as the Pratt and Whitney 118.

CF34 engine mounted on an Embraer E-190

Years of cold winters and too much snow prompted Don and family to move to Portland. Don acted as the Director of Maintenance at Premiere Jets for five years. Recently, a friend introduced and recommended Don to Global Aviation management. Don is now a full time mechanic for Global.

“Global Aviation is one of the top companies in the area. The mechanics staff is professional and organized. The fleet is impressive,” states Ramsey.

Family is very important to Don.  He and his wife, Keli, have two sons, Joshua – 22 and Garret – 13.  Their daughter, Lenora, is 19. Garret is showing signs of interest in his father’s craft, loving anything mechanical. Don carries his sheet metal artistry into his hobbies as he designs and builds custom metal parts for motorcycles and hot-rods. Don owns two Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycles. He acknowledges that his workshop is extensive.

Hunting and fishing are also passions. Asked about his hunting season this fall, Don explains in his usual straightforward manner, “I didn’t hunt this year…too busy.”

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