The Bombardier Challenger 300 is defined by many to be the definitive super-midsize business jet.

“This is the gold standard airplane,” says one Fortune 50 flight department manager. “Bombardier made this class with this airplane and now it’s the master.”

Originally designed to be an aircraft that could fly eight passengers non-stop between the east and west U.S. coasts, the Challenger 300 was intended to fill the gap between Bombardier’s midsize 2,300-nm range Learjet 60 and large-cabin 4,000-nm-range Challenger 604. Bombardier wanted the acquisition and operating costs to be closer to those of contemporary midsize jets, especially the popular Hawker 800.

Extensive market research went into the Challenger 300’s design. Researchers were told that most midsize aircraft were too cramped.  Operators felt that these planes fell short on range, climb performance and cruise speed. Feedback defined the need for baggage compartments that could be accessed in flight.  Bombardier focus groups also stated the need for an eight passenger aircraft that could fly at least 3,065 nm (5,646 km) at Mach 0.80 and operate out of 5,000-ft. runways.

Bombardier delivered the Challenger 300. The aircraft was designed to fly non-stop coast to coast against 99% probability headwinds. It was also designed to fly across the North Atlantic from Europe to virtually any North American city requiring only one fuel stop. The Challenger 300 aircraft actually holds five over-water and transcontinental U.S. records.  It also leads the super-midsize class in all-around economics. Many choose to fly the Challenger 300 for the shorter missions that were previously flown by larger, heavier jets such as the Challenger 604/605. With cabin dimensions similar to those of a Gulfstream II, it offers passenger comfort similar to large-cabin aircraft.


  • A highly advanced cockpit environment
  • State-of-the-art Nice(R) Cabin Electronics System (CES)
  • The next evolution of the largest super-midsize cabin
  • Both an entertainment center and the ideal in-flight office
  • Intelligent design places baggage within reach
  • Walls that become speakers for a new Hi-Fi sound experience
  • A galley befitting the best in its class

“Some of our clients need a larger aircraft with comfort for eight passengers with the ability to fly farther, higher and faster on their missions. Other aircraft have the range and speed, but not the cabin comfort for long range trips,” explains Flo Newton, Global Aviation President. “The Challenger 300 is an ideal addition to our fleet, bridging from the Hawker 800 to the Challenger 604. We are always striving to increase service capabilities and options for our clients. The Challenger 300 will meet the needs of those wanting superior comfort, speed and efficiency.”

The Challenger 300 will be available for charter in the first quarter of this year. Please contact Micaela Mareina at 503-648-6403,, or go to to request a quote.


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