Staff, 15 years, Global Aviation Hillsboro

Dan Balzer, Ken Joyce, AJ Orlando and Mike Stokes celebrate 15+ years with Global Aviation

In the fast-paced and constantly growing business aviation industry, Global Aviation is honored to have team members devote their talents to our success. It is particularly satisfying when individuals choose to invest many years and become an integral part of the foundation of the company. These team members grow as the company grows. Their influence and experience welcomes and teaches new employees, gains the respect of our customers and sets an example for the industry.

Global Aviation would like to congratulate and say thank you to four team members who have celebrated over 15 years as a valued part of our company and our culture.

Dan Balzer – Accountant

Ken Joyce – Fuel and FBO Services

AJ Orlando – Chief of Maintenance

Mike Stokes – Human Resources Manager

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