Dan Balzer, retires, Global Aviation

Dan Balzer, Senior Accountant, enjoying retirement with family

In August Global Aviation celebrated the career and retirement of Dan Balzer, Senior Accountant. Balzer joined the company 16 years ago, bringing with him a passion for financial management, people and aviation.

Balzer was a significant part of Global Aviation in his early years at a young and growing company. He was the 10th employee hired and enjoyed the demands and diversity of his roles. “When I came on, we had just started building Hangar 1 with the offices. I was doing accounting and payroll, and we were all working out of Hangar 2. It was quite an eye-opener to watch the company built right in front of us.”

Balzer has a long-time interest in aviation. He has a private pilot’s license and previously worked for an avionics company. His move to Global Aviation was a great fit. Balzer has been proud to work for a company with such a great reputation in all aspects of the business from charter, to line service, aircraft maintenance, fueling, and aircraft management.

Balzer has enjoyed some memorable flights while at Global Aviation, such as going up in Bert Zimmerly’s bi-plane. “That was lots of fun! He gave me a scarf, hat, and all of the extras. I enjoyed every minute of it.” Balzer was also able to fly as “ballast” on test flight of Lear and Gulfstream jets.

In retirement, Balzer plans to spend time with his eight “so far” grandchildren – including sets of boy and girl identical twins. He loves to read and share stories with them. The families live quite a distance apart, in Washington and Kentucky, which actually provides an opportunity for him and his wife to explore the country and its National Parks. They have already taken a three week road trip to Kentucky that included stops at Glacier, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore and Craters of the Moon.

With more time available, Balzer and his wife are also planning to continue and expand their volunteer interests. Both have taught English as a Second Language course at a local community college. He is also involved in Prison Fellowship Ministries through the Washington County Correctional Facilities. He has volunteered several days a week for the last 20 years, interacting with the residents there.

“Some things are better caught than taught. I try to show them different choices and other directions they can take when they get out,” said Balzer.

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