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Global Aviation welcomes dogs and cats displaced from Louisiana flooding

Global Aviation and Wings of Rescue, an all-volunteer and non-profit organization, have long made a great team in flying displaced dogs and cats to safety and to their forever homes. This September the two were brought together again by the devastating floods in Louisiana.

More than 125 animals were rescued both from flood waters and from the over-crowded shelters in Louisiana.  With the recent destructive conditions in the area, countless pet owners continue to not have the resources or even a home to give their pets. Many of the animals were at risk of being euthanized.

Cathy Nechak, president of Friends of Shelter Animals, reached out to Wings of Rescue to save the displaced animals. Within days, donors on the Wings of Rescue Facebook page raised even more than the $15,000 needed to charter the flight from Lafayette to Global Aviation in Hillsboro.

KGW and animal rescue representatives await the Wings of Rescue flight to Global Aviation

“We put up a plea for the pets of Louisiana and people from around the world in a matter of two days had donated $62,000,” said Ric Browde, Wings of Rescue logistics coordinator. “We thought we were only going to do one flight. We’re going to be back and do three flights.”

“Wings of Rescue events have a great deal of energy, support and care behind them. Global Aviation is honored to be a part of their life-saving efforts,” said Global Aviation president, Flo Newton. “We gladly donate our space, staff and services to help transport these wonderful animals.”

The average stay at a shelter in the Pacific Northwest is just three and a half days. The animals get a new chance at life and could likely be on someone’s couch and a member of a family very soon.

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A few of the furry friends looking for adoption after the Louisiana floods

The Oregon Humane Society took in 31 cats from the Wings of Rescue flight. The remaining dogs and cats were taken to Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals and Rogue Valley Humane Society, while others were placed at Southwest Washington Humane Society and the Embrace a Discarded Animal Society in Washington.

If you are interested in adopting one of the rescue animals or donating to Friends of Shelter Animals, you can call 503-747-7818.

Staying current with Wings of Rescue is simple through the organization’s Facebook page. The page includes a touching video of Wings of Rescue volunteers and its four-legged benefactors. You can also watch a local news report from the successful and inspiring Louisiana delivery at Global Aviation.

* contains information provided by KGW News coverage

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