Grigio, frequent flyer and faithful friend to Global Aviation President, Flo Newton.

What better way to welcome Spring than with the patter of little feet? Eight little feet to be exact.

Meet Spot and Bravo, two fun-loving and adorable apricot toy poodles that are breaking hearts at Global Aviation thanks to Harry Merlo, Global Aviation investor.

Spot and Bravo

Merlo is a long-time dog lover. After losing Brandy, his faithful friend of 15 years, he missed having a dog in his life. When he met Spot and Bravo, Merlo could not stand to separate the brothers and brought both home. The 16-week old puppies are great companions for Merlo. Spot and Bravo are mellow, but love to play.

Grigio, Global Aviation’s resident standard poodle and faithful friend to President, Flo Newton, is adjusting slowly to the new puppies. Spot and Bravo visit the offices a few times each week. “Grigio is still wondering how long they’re staying,” said Newton.

Spot and Bravo are sure to have many adventures ahead. Puppy school is on the horizon as is a first flight to Merlo’s ranch in Eastern Oregon when the weather warms up.

To learn more about Harry Merlo, read his autobiography Vintage Merlo: Reflections on a life well-lived.

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