The design of the Hawker 900XP uniquely combines cabin size, amenities, performance and cost of operation to make it one of the world’s best selling midsize business jets.

Communication and media amenities include:

  • CD/DVD, XM Radio Channels
  • Satellite Phone
  • Passenger Seat LCD Touch Screen Control Panels
  • Airshow
  • Microwave
  • Enclosed Lav
  • 110 V AC

“This is another outstanding aircraft to add to our fleet. We are already operating a Hawker 800SP, and the addition of another Hawker will help us to better serve the demand we have established,” explains Flo Newton, President of Global Aviation. “We want to continue to grow our charter offerings to ensure that our clients have the best possible options for their travel requirements.”

Performance is significant. The higher thrust at altitude allows the Hawker 900XP to climb to its maximum operating altitude of 41,000 feet in 25 minutes with maximum takeoff weight. This ability to climb directly to final cruise altitude coupled with better fuel efficiency, equates to overall trip times with lower operating costs.


  • Passenger Seating 8
  • Range N/M 2,749
  • Cruising Speed 515 mph
  • Cabin Width 6.0 ft.
  • Cabin Length 21.4 ft.
  • Cabin Height 5.9 ft.

The Hawker 900XP will be based at PDX. Please contact Micaela Mareina at, or go to to request a quote.


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