Getting ready for a long flight? Bringing along a good book is great way to make the hours go by quickly.  Global Aviation is introducing a new monthly reading corner to help clients answer that burning question, “What should I read on my trip?”

Our new book club will feature members of the Global Aviation staff with a good read to share. This first edition includes recommendations from new pilots Lance McAuely and Darrell Ehl. Coincidently, McAuley and Ehl share a passion for the outdoors and fishing as you will see in their recommendations.

A River Runs Through It, by Norman Maclean

Pilot Lance McAuley recommends: A River Runs Through It, a novella by Norman Maclean.

A River Runs Through It follows a family during early 20th century Montana whose opinions of life are filtered through their passion for fly fishing. The novella is presented from the point of view of older brother Norman who goes on one last fishing trip with his rowdy and troubled younger brother. Chicago Tribune critic Alfred Kazin stated “there are passages here of physical rapture in the presence of unsullied primitive America that are as beautiful as anything in Thoreau and Hemingway.”

McAuley found the book, a compelling portrayal of a father with two sons, had similarities to his early childhood and the emphasis that was put on nature. “To this day, the quality time spent with family engaged in outdoor recreation is not only fun but also provides a well-rounded and healthy perspective toward life,” said McAuley.

Pilot Darrell Ehl recommends: Salmon Trout and Steelheader, a monthly magazine and guide to fishing in the Northwest

Salmon Trout and Steelheader magazine covers in detail everything you need to know for fishing in the Northwest. Location ideas, valuable tactics and tricks, success stories and photos are just some of the important information you’ll

Salmon Trout and Steelheader magazine

find in each issue. The magazine even has recipes for ideas on what to make with the “big catch.” Just ask Ehl about the differences between Spring and Fall salmon fishing, a Copper River and a sockeye or Chinook salmon, and it will be clear he knows his fishing and his reading material.

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