Jonathan Grissom - Global Aviation Line Service Technician

Jon Grissom – Global Aviation Line Service Technician

Global Aviation is proud to add and introduce Jonathan Grissom to our acclaimed Line Service Team. As a Line Service Technician, Grissom’s commitment to service and hard work are proving to be a great benefit to co-workers and customers.

Grissom has been an enthusiastic fan of aviation since he was little. “When I saw a chance to work with planes and pilots at Global Aviation, I couldn’t pass it up,” says Grissom. “It has been a great experience working here with the staff, the pilots and the clients.”

When Grissom is not working hard to get planes cleaned and ready for the next day’s adventure, he is out having his own outdoor fun. Originally from Texas, Grissom is taking full advantage of the Oregon experience whether by motorcycle, kayak, or snowboard.

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