Keith Brubaker - Global Aviation Line Service Technician

Keith Brubaker – Global Aviation Line Service Technician

Global Aviation’s Line Service team gained a valuable new member with Keith Brubaker this spring. As a Technician with over six years experience at an FBO in Minnesota, Brubaker returned to his home town of Hillsboro and is loving every minute.

Brubaker has always been fascinated with airplanes and enjoys taking care of the Global Aviation aircraft. He also loves interacting with customers and pilots to chat with them about where they are from and what they do for a living.

“I have found that many of the people who come in to our FBO have very interesting stories and they love to engage with the Line Service,” said Brubaker. “In this job I learn a lot about communication, customer service and respect for my peers, co-workers and customers.
Brubaker is outgoing and loves to laugh and have fun. “I think that helps make work seem less like work,” he said. “I have loved every minute I have been here. The people are respectful, polite and everyone has welcomed me in to the Global Aviation family.”

Keith Brubaker - Global Aviation Line Service Technician

Outside of work Brubaker plays sports and gets outside as much as possible. Now that he is back in Oregon, he also enjoys spending a lot of time with his family.

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