Luke Limbeck at Global Aviation

Luke Limbeck – Global Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Luke Limbeck joined the Global Aviation team in 2014 as a Line Service Technician and is now serving customers as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician.

Limbeck enjoys his new role and prides himself in making a mechanic’s job easier. He removes panels, tears down wheel assemblies, cleans and preps equipment so the licensed mechanics can get in quickly and efficiently.

Limbeck has been “turning wrenches” his whole life, and his specific interest in aircraft maintenance brought him to Global Aviation. He loves the variety in his work.

“I am constantly learning something new. Not one day has been the same,” said Limbeck. “I am able to learn quickly, but I am never afraid to ask for help. That is very important in aviation.”

Luke at work - Mechanics Assistant at Global AviationLimbeck says he feels very blessed to be at Global Aviation where he “is part of a big family and the work environment couldn’t be better.”

When Limbeck is not working on aircraft, he is working on cars, a passionate hobby for many years. He also enjoys spending his free time outside as much as possible. Beach trips, hunting, hiking and playing basketball are just a few of his favorite outdoor activities.


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