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Global Aviations newly refurbished Gulfstream G-V

In this Meet the Fleet series, Global Aviation showcases the experience available in each of its charter aircraft. Here you can enjoy a few minutes exploring the company’s newly refurbished and sophisticated Gulfstream V.

There is no getting around the many benefits of charter air travel. Chief Pilot Matt Miller flies the Gulfstream V (G-V) and shares, “I would imagine the experience is very surreal. There are no concerns. You fly worry-free. Imagine being able to drive up to the aircraft, not checking flight schedules and connections, and knowing your luggage will make it to the airplane safely. You receive the best care throughout the flight, eat amazing food, and arrive directly at your destination. It is dream travel.”

G-V available for charter from Global Aviation

The G-V comfortably accommodates up to 13 passengers

Miller has been flying the G-V for several years after nearly 20 years of pilot experience in the Air Force. He transitioned from a Computer Officer to Pilot because “flying an airplane sounded much more exciting than flying a computer.” While he flew KC-135’s and was part of worldwide Air Refueling missions, he ultimately was assigned to pilot VIPs out of Andrews Air Force Base in Gulfstream G-III and G-V aircraft.

“Flying the Gulfstream is a very special experience,” said Miller. “Coming from flying 1960’s technology in the KC-135 to one of the most modern aircraft in existence was a whole new and exciting world for me. The G-V has outstanding performance, making it capable of flying farther, faster and higher than almost any other aircraft in the air.”

The passenger experience with room for 13 is one of pure comfort. Miller reports that the G-V is extremely quiet and smooth with a large comfortable cabin.

“The recent cabin and cockpit upgrades make the G-V’s features competitive with any new aircraft being built,” said Miller, Chief Pilot for the Gulfstream V

Customers frequently comment on the comfortable and roomy seats, and the high speed domestic Internet is a favorite feature of the recent cabin upgrades. Miller also says, “Our customers love the catering. Passenger meals can range from steak to a seafood platter to pizza. No request is off limits.”

G-V available for charter from Global Aviation at HIODetails of the G-V refurbishing improvements include: a full new interior with the Rockwell Collins Venue Cabin Management system, Go GO 3G Internet, Irridium Satellite Voice phones and high speed Internet domestically. Passengers can watch movies from the Media server or Blue ray Players on two HD televisions or over the personal Smart TVs at their seats. With the high fidelity sound system cranked up, the experience is similar to being in a movie theater. The cockpit has been upgraded as well to include the latest and best avionics technology in the industry.

When asked if Miller could sum up the G-V in three words, he did not hesitate to answer, “Chic. Sophisticated. Fast.”

A team of five pilots are responsible for the G-V out of the Hillsboro Airport making it ready to take charter customers all over the world at most any time. Portugal, France, Bali and New Zealand are just a few examples of recent destinations.

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