Skipping the busy hub airports and security lines
Avoiding the traffic and hassle of commercial terminals
Eliminating hurried plane changes
Choosing when and what you want to eat

Global Aviation's Hawker 800XP is available for private charter

The Hawker 800XP’s newly refurbished luxury interior can comfortably accommodate 8 passengers

Nothing but a traveler’s wildest dream? No, those are just a few of the advantages of flying private jets.

In this Meet the Fleet series, Global Aviation showcases the experience available in each of its charter aircraft. There is no better way to begin than by touring the company’s newly refurbished Hawker 800XP.

With superior comfort for up to eight passengers, complementary GoGo inflight Wi-Fi onboard, and the privacy of flying chartered aircraft, customers can easily relax, work or even conduct meetings onboard.

Global Aviation's PDX-based Hawker 800XP

Global Aviation’s Hawker 800XP is located PDX

“The Hawker 800XP cabin is extremely spacious for an aircraft of this class. The new carpet and leather accentuates an already gorgeous interior,” says Bill Moore, Line Service Manager. “Each of our charter aircraft is meticulously cleaned inside and out. We want our passengers to feel like they are the first people taking a flight in these multimillion dollar aircraft.”

Captain Joel Owens, a pilot for 10 years, flies the Hawker 800XP for Global Aviation. He says, “The airplane is a joy to fly, very honest and simple. Most importantly we have enjoyed the aircraft’s reliability.  The airplane is built very strong, while the systems are simple and robust.”

Owens is also impressed with the aircraft’s new interior, including redesigned seats, a new galley design and an updated lavatory. In addition, he points out that winglets were added for increased performance, the avionics were updated to support precision GPS approaches (WAAS), and the aircraft has a sharp new paint job.

“The most important part of an airplane cabin is the passenger seats. Global Aviation took special care to make sure that these seats were very comfortable for any size of passenger,” says Owens. “With the new paint and interior, our passengers cannot believe that this airplane is not brand new.”

Catering often rivals seat comfort for making a flight top notch. Global Aviation goes above and beyond to accommodate every passenger’s needs. The catering staff provides vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, Paleo and more. Executive Chef Elaine Frances also highlights fresh, local ingredients in an inspired seasonal menu. “No matter what you request, the food is always phenomenal,” says Owens.

Global Aviation's Hawker 800XP pictured on Christmas night in Sun Valley, Idaho

Christmas night in Sun Valley, Utah for Global Aviation’s Hawker 800XP

Owens chose a career in aviation both for the challenge and to see the world. The Hawker 800XP fits both requirements. Considered a mid-size jet with long range capability, the aircraft can operate into even small, remote strips. His favorites to navigate so far are Klawock, Alaska and Cabo San Lucas.

When asked if Owens could sum up the Hawker 800XP into three words he was quick to answer, “Versatile. Comfortable. Utilitarian.”

Contact Global Aviation’s Charter Team to schedule your next trip on the Hawker 800XP or your choice of our charter fleet. Email: Phone: 503-648-6403.

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