In this Meet the Fleet series, Global Aviation showcases the experience available in each of its charter aircraft. Here you can enjoy a few minutes to experience the soaring and sleek Hawker 800SP.

I will up and get me away where the hawk is wheeling.

Lone and high,

And the slow clouds go by.

– Richard Hovey, American Poet

Hawker 800 SP at Global Aviation

Global Aviation’s Hawker 800SP at HIO

For those who love to soar, Global Aviation’s Hawker 800SP offers a sleek high-performance and comfortable package for your next destination. Aptly named for its resemblance to a hawk’s beauty in the sky, Global Aviation Pilot Keith Pelletier fondly calls the Hawker 800SP a “pilot’s plane.”

“In my nearly 25 years as a pilot, I have flown some large commercial aircraft. I feel connected to the Hawker 800SP – wear it like a glove,” said Pelletier. “The range, look, performance and comfort of the aircraft make for a remarkable travel experience.”

Global Aviation Pilot Gino Ceravolo admires the Hawker 800SP’s power-to-weight ratio which gives the aircraft an advantage on the shorter runways at smaller airports. The pilots have been able to effortlessly navigate tight destinations that have included Joseph, Oregon; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kamloops, BC; Boston, Massachusetts; and Puebla, Mexico.

Hawker 800SP interior at Global Aviation

The Hawker 800SP offers luxury seating for 8 passengers

While pilot confidence in an aircraft is a key component to successful travel, passengers will also appreciate the robust accommodations. Traveling in the impeccably cared for Hawker 800SP is comfortable, quiet, and personal. The aircraft has luxury seating for 8 passengers, an enclosed stand-up lavatory, and customized catering.

“I take pride in how often we receive comments about how flawless we keep the aircraft,” said Pelletier. “It is a reflection of everything coming together as it should in a complete and professional manner. Our Line Service team could hold conferences on how to care for a plane.”

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