Mike Stokes, Human Resources, Global Aviation

Global Aviation Human Resources Manager Mike Stokes

When Mike Stokes, Global Aviation Human Resources Manager, lists his responsibilities, the meaning of “human resource” becomes very clear. After more than 15 years with the company, Stokes is a much relied upon team member for a wide variety of abilities and expertise.

In addition to his Human Resource duties, Stokes processes payroll, manages the Customer Service Representatives and the Global Fuel Solutions Program Manager, serves as the Designated Employer Representative (DER) for DOT and Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Prevention Programs, and serves on the Safety Management Committee. He is also the Bloodborne Pathogen Plan Administrator.

Stokes’ extensive list of contributions all stemmed from a line service position at the Hillsboro Airport in 1996. Stokes’ co-workers, Brian Lockhart and AJ Orlando, took positions with a new company called “Global Aviation.” Stokes says, “Global Aviation started to expand and build a new hangar and office buildings and I just had to go check them out. I met with Brian and Flo Newton and was offered the position as the Line Service Manager. It was the best move I ever made.”

Like many of the staff at Global Aviation, Stokes takes a lot of pride in the culture created at the company.  “Global is a great place to work. There are really great people working here that are truly passionate about helping Global grow and succeed,” said Stokes.

New employees benefit from Stokes experience and commitment to the company’s success. He understands the challenges of starting out in aviation and helps mentor whenever possible. Stokes said, “Whenever you start a new job or position, the information overload can be overwhelming. Knowing this, I try to reassure individuals that they are not alone in the learning process, and that there is a lot of support here to help them get up to speed. ”

In 15 years Mike has had many memorable moments at the company. One that stands out and gets a good laugh is when Grigio, beloved pet to Global Aviation President Flo Newton, was just a puppy. “Grigio was young, but fast enough to outrun the average human. He would get loose from time to time and it was ‘all hands on deck’ to help corral him back indoors and away from the taxiway,” remembered Stokes. “I’m sure it was comical watching 15 to 20 people chase a dog around our ramp.”

An honorary Oregonian, Stokes has lived here since he was three, his free time is enjoyed most when spent with family. Together they enjoy hiking, biking and going to the beach. Stokes also volunteers at his church and is currently teaching himself to play the mandolin.

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