Global Aviation Pilot Darrell Ehl

New Global Aviation pilot Darrell Ehl knows the value of making connections. Building relationships has been a driving force in his career and in his personal life.

In January, Ehl took the captain’s seat for Global Aviation’s Hawker 800 SP.  Ehl joins the team with over 25 years of diverse aviation industry experience.

Ehl started his career with a love for aviation, and enrolled in the Flight Technology Program at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon.  He has experienced aviation literally from the ground up. Ehl credits great training and great people for creating his path to a successful career in aviation.

“It’s all about who you meet along the way,” says Ehl.  Encouragement came from customers at Flightcraft in Eugene while he worked line service.  Ehl received his multi-engine license and was frequently mentored to the next steps in his career.

“There are many different paths in the aviation industry, but the relationships you build are the most important. Many last for an entire career and beyond. Those connections that I’ve built throughout my career even when pumping gas and on the line service, led me to people that took me under the wing and offered great opportunities,” says Ehl.

Ehl was familiar with Global Aviation and watched it grow over the years. He appreciates the company’s high-quality standards and professionalism. Now that he is on the team, Ehl has been very impressed with the process and people at Global Aviation. In particular, Del Kaufmann, Global Aviation’s Chief Pilot, has been supportive and welcoming from the beginning.

“The training and paperwork can be overwhelming, but Global has a good, structured process. It really stands out that the people here welcome you like family. It’s easy to be new here and get through it, “ says Ehl.

Ehl enjoys building connections with the Global Aviation staff and with his guests on the Hawker 800 SP.  He finds it fascinating to learn about new people, their likes and dislikes, their careers and the journey they have taken to get where they are today.

Pilot Darrell Ehl and daughter Megan showing off a sturgeon caught on the Willamette River. Photo by Rick Hargrave.

When not on a plane, you can find Ehl spending quality time with his wife and two daughters. You can also find him frequently on a boat. Ehl is an avid salmon fisherman and enjoys spending time in his family’s cabin in the San Juan Islands, as well as goose and duck hunting.

Ehl really appreciates the relationships he has made along the way, including in his personal life.  About six years ago, while getting a blood draw he noticed and asked his life insurance representative, Bill Monroe Jr., about a jacket he wore that said “Salmon Quest.” After a fun conversation, Ehl offered his number and told Monroe that he would chip in some gas money and lunch for a boat ride to go fishing.  Now, years later, the two frequently hunt and fish together, along with Monroe’s dad, Bill Monroe Sr., who covers Oregon’s hunting, fishing and wildlife scene for the Oregonian newspaper.

“So now I’m hunting and fishing with friends that were made during a blood draw for a life insurance company. Life is a journey and those we meet along the way form who we are today,” said Ehl. “I enjoy every fishing and hunting trip with them, learning from their decades of experience in the outdoors of Oregon.”

Pilot Darrell Ehl and his prize catch of the day, a 21lb spring Chinook salmon. Photo by Bill Monroe.

Monroe Sr. has included stories of Ehl and his girls in his articles and photos of their catches. The articles validate Ehl’s “big fish” stories. One great example is a story about a 20-pound Chinook caught near Buoy 10 in Astoria. The trio of fisherman caught more than just a fish. It was also someone else’s story of the one that got away.

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