FltPlan 2016 Pilots' Choice AwardsVoting for presidential candidates is tough. Voting for the best FBOs is easy. Pilots need to simply login to their Fltplan accounts by March 31st to pick their favorites for the 2016 Pilots’ Choice Awards.

The Pilot’s Choice Awards are determined exclusively by thousands of votes cast by pilots. With over 145,000 active registered pilots flying weekly, many of them stopping at multiple FBOs every week, the Pilots’ Choice Awards gives the industry a good view of what stand out performance looks like at an FBO.

Global Aviation strives to provide a complete, world-class experience for pilots. Professional and attentive line service, maintenance and catering staffs are our hallmark. In addition, Global Aviation prides itself on top-notch facilities with spacious hangars, a full-service conference room, pilots’ lounge and sleep room, along with access to contract fuel programs, free ramp parking and a location with easy access to beautiful Portland, Oregon.

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